How to apply templates for Html tags?

Hi !
I need to change the default “output” of some tags printed using HtmlHelper. I’ve had success with Form Helper using something like this:

$this->loadHelper('Form', [
    			'templates' => 'Pge.pge_templates'


return [
    'inputContainer' => '<div class="input form-group {{type}}{{required}}">{{content}}</div>',
    'input' => '<input class="form-control" type="{{type}}" name="{{name}}"{{attrs}}/>',
    'textarea' => '<textarea class="form-control" name="{{name}}"{{attrs}}>{{value}}</textarea>',
    'select' => '<select class="form-control" name="{{name}}"{{attrs}}>{{content}}</select>',
    'dateWidget' => '{{day}}{{month}}{{year}}{{hour}}{{minute}}{{second}}{{meridian}}'

How can I apply this same approach to html tags like table or span ?

Thanks in advance,