Howto Change the template of my forms (solved)

I´m struggling with changing the templates of my some input forms.
I found this:

This links to

But what I´m looking for is the default templates for all forms, so that I can use them as pattern to see what values I can change.

Can someone tell me where to find the default templates?

Sorry for my bad English, I will give an example of what I want to change:

a simple multiple checkbox in my form looks like this:

<div class="grid grid-cols-5 gap-4 mb-2">
    <div class="checkbox">
     <label class="selected">
        <input id ="foodadditives-ids-11" type="checkbox>
    <div class="checkbox"> .....</div>
    <div class="checkbox"> .....</div>

I want to change the css styles of class=“checkbox”, class=“selected” and the the class of the input field.

I hope now it is clearer what I try to do

I’m not sure to really understand : do you want to change the css applied to those class or do you want to change class=“selected” to class=“somethingelse” ?

thanks for your answer. i want to change the css applied to those classes

The css folder is in /webroot.

If you are using the style provided, there are 3 possible files : normalize, millligram and cake. Most of the form style is in milligram.
I suggest you add your rules to change it in cake.css.

If you are using your own css file, even easier :slight_smile:

Solved, the solution can be found here: