Fetch data across multiple databases

we’ve been using that feature in cakephp 2.x for years now.
after upgrading to cakephp 4.2 this seems to be no longer available, am i right?

regards, armin

You can use the setConnection method of the table to indicate which connection should be used for that table.

thanks for your quick response. i tried that but i was unable to link data. it seems that cakephp tries to join on a database level, which is of course not possible when hosted on different databases.

just fetching data one after the other works, but it seems you have to join data manually in php’s memory. in cake 2.x it was possible to retrieve data by cake (w/o merging manually). cake joined all data and provided a fully prepared array that could be used in both controller and view.

it seems that this feature is gone, am i right?

I’ve never needed it, but I thought it was possible. You might have to change the strategy on the association definition from join to select?