Error 404 in downloaded project

HI Everyone!
I’m new using CakePHP.

I just got downloaded a project cakePHP from a few years ago. When I acces to it thru my Web browser, I get the error 404 (object not found). Actually, any of the files in the project are unable to open
thru my browser (Google Chrome).

I think the version is 2.9, but I’m not sure how to check it out.

I don’t know if I must to run any plugin or change some files to be able to acces thru my web browser.
I’m not sure if I’m clear with my issue. Any questions please let me know!

Thanks a lot!

What project did you download? Just CakePHP itself, or something written with Cake? Did you run composer install? Do you have Apache set up correctly?

It was a project already written with CakePHP. Ididn’t run the Composer install, should I run it even if just downladed the whole project?

I’m using XAMPP, apache is running, but I didn’t change any configuration in it.


Yes, composer install is absolutely necessary, to install all of the dependencies.