Cakephp 2.10, Working on PHP-5.6, I don't have errors on Localhost (Xampp) when hosted on GoDaddy Servers I get 404 Error

Hi team,

I desperately need your help on troubleshooting this issue, it took me around a week to get this resolved! I have a cakephp-2.x project hosted on my GoDaddy server and it is returning HTTP-404 error when accessed.

Here is the link to my application -

In the console I don’t see any error or in my error like missing objects or any files also both server logs and cakephp logs show no error at all.

I have created a sub-domain in CPanel and installed cakephp-2.x in the sub-domain’s Public HTML drive.

Can you please help me to fix this? Thanks in advance.

Ravichandra V

I have not use godaddy servers but this looks like a path issue. Check that the project is in the correct directory and that the configuration points to correct location for your index.php. sometimes I get the webroot index.php to echo ok to make sure I have it setup.

Dear Jubbs, Thanks for the hint I’ll try to echo on index.php :slightly_smiling_face: