Dynamicaly and persistente database change

Hello everybody.

Typically, all databases are Data Source in app.php defined.
The Connection Manager can change the database as needed.

I have read some similar post but this one is somehow extra…

My problem is that :

I have to have two databases:

  1. database for authentication
  2. database for after logged in users.

The app.php has a database defaultConfiguration, pointing to the first database from which the user authenticates. Thereafter, however, all requests are intended to refer to a second database, the database name is read during authentication. So far I’ve tried:

Connection Manager :: config ( ‘customer’, [
‘ClassName’ => ‘Cake \ Database \ Connection’,
‘Driver’ => ‘Cake \ Database \ Driver \ mysql’,
‘Persistent’ => false,
‘Host’ => ‘localhost’,
‘Username’ => ‘’,
‘Password’ => ‘’,
‘Database’ => $ this-> user-> group-> db_name,
‘Encoding’ => ‘utf8’
‘Timezone’ => ‘UTC’
‘CacheMetadata’ => true,

And I read the database connection with Connection Manager :: get ( ‘customer’); But in the models, this connection is not found. What causes errors.

Can I control cakephp 3, from a certain point to let all other requests to run a persistent database instead of always looking for a Datasourse in app.php?

For any advice, I would be very happy …


This problem has been solved :wink:


How did you solve this ? Even I am facing the same issue.