Duvida sobre o ->set() Function

Quando uso
Ele funciona porem continua dando o erro.
Call to undefined function App\Controller\set().
Gostaria de saber o porque?

The first help I can give you is make the question available in English for other people to understand. :slight_smile:
After writing:
You get the message "Call to undefined function App\Controller\set()"
You would like to know why this is. Is that correct? :slight_smile:
Apparently, you are calling “Controller” which is quite a generic name. I would have expected a named controller like “ThingamajigController”. There is no set() function available on entity “Controller”. As I am not experienced enough yet to dig further, I will eave any further help to people who do know what to expect from “Controller” and where you would typically call the set() function.