Drop-Down isn't populated with the 'name' field when table name contains “companies”

I have this very strange issue I cannot explain:

The table drivers has the belongsTo association to the table transport_companies connected by the field drivers.transport_company_id. Usually in the edit|add mode for the table drivers CakePHP generates a nice drop-down with the content of the name field.

The issue:

The drop-drown shows only the ids instead of the content of the name field as long the table has the word companies in it. When I rename the table to transport_firms | transports | transport_units or something else then the drop-down field is populated correctly. I do NOT change anything, I only bake all models each time I rename the table.

My question:

Is there any CakePHP restriction regarding the word companies in a tablename because the drop-down isn’t populated correctly?

Yeah, Stackoverflow is the right place for CakePHP questions. Over and over surprised how many questions don’t have even one reply.

I didn’t reply here, specifically because the StackOverflow copy of the question had responses.