Do not capitalize labels


I would like to ask how to disable capitalization of labels composed from two or more words, e.g. like this one:

The problem is also with translations, when I use internatlizations, e.g. if I have

msgid “Date of issue”
msgstr “Dátum vydania”

in my po file,

echo $this->Form->label(__(‘Date of issue’));
is displayed as “Dátum Vydania”

Unfortunately, this is not a CSS problem, because if I inspect page source, the respective HTML element looks like:

<label for=“datum-vydania”>Dátum Vydania</label>

but I need this:

<label for=“datum-vydania”>Dátum vydania</label>

Can anybody help me please? Thank you in advance.

I found a solution, here it is:

echo $this->Form->label(‘date_of_issue’,__(‘Date of issue’));


msgid “Date of issue”
msgstr “Dátum vydania”

Solution is based on: