Disable "Cookie rotation"

hii there,

I’m trying to implement some new stuff in my GraphQL but for this I need to make requests quite often in Insomnia client.
The problem is that CakePHP keeps “rotating” the CAKEPHP cookie, which makes it a pain to stay authenticated with my app.
So I wonder whether it is possible to disable this feature (obviously only needs to be done while the app is in debug).

Instead of using cookies, setup Stateless authentication (using JWT or Basic authentication)

I could implement basic authentication for this purpose, however, I think that just disabling this “feature” would be better.

AFAIK you can’t force a cookie stay the same, maybe you could using database sessions but eventually it will rotate.

Another thing could be allow unauthenticated requests for that on debug

Yea, that’s what I was asking… kind of annoying that there is no way to do so :
I mean, it doesn’t have to stay the same for days or so but atleast not change every request.

Well, that was kinda the problem because the entire reason that I had to be authenticated was to see if I implemented the permissions stuff correctly (not that I make a typo and suddenly everyone can yeet blog posts on my website).

I managed to get it working by using the autologin I seemingly had forgotten about (also never documented it… whoops…).