Datatable plugin for CakePHP 4

Hello, I have been upgrading my application from cakephp 3 to cakephp 4. I was using fheider/cakephp-datatables and I have come across ypnos-web/cakephp-datatables where both support cakephp 3.

I am currently looking for a cakephp-datatable plugin which supports cakephp 4.

If anybody has an idea, I would be happy.

Thanks in Advance.

Not sure, how hard do you think it would be to make those work with 4.x? I built one for 2.x and don’t recall it being too difficult.

DataTables is strongly on the clientside - all javascript and little to no PHP (unless you’re implementing AJAX callbacks for in-table editing). So my Cake 4 app I use DataTables but just hand-wrote the html & js as required - and used Cake to handle the AJAX, which is no different to a typical AJAX call. I didn’t use DT’s AJAX caller, I just wrote my own, but still uses Cake as the backend handler.