Can not install datatable plugin


I m trying to install datatables plugin to use dynamic search input.

I am using cakephp4 and I m using this command to download datatable plugin:

composer require wsssoftware/cakephp-datatables:^4.0

I got this error message:

Could not find package wsssoftware/cakephp-datatables in a version matching “4.0” and a stability matching “dev”.

If someone have an idea i would be happy :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance.

There is no release available for wsssoftware/cakephp-datatables.
See wsssoftware/cakephp-datatables - Packagist

Therefore composer require wsssoftware/cakephp-datatables:^4.0 can’t work because there is not 4.0 (or higher) release present.

Just try installing it with the dev-master version string

composer require wsssoftware/cakephp-datatables:dev-master

oh ok thanks.

I was following this URL : Installation — CakePHP DataTables

It seems that it’s not true ?

Well yes, currently this is wrong.

But you are not alone, see InvalidArgumentException plugin installation · Issue #5 · wsssoftware/cakephp-datatables · GitHub

Basically all wsssoftware has to do is to create a tag with version 4.0 in github and then create a new release with that tagged version. Then everything works as expected.