Cron in cakephp3

I am trying to set a cron using cakephp3 shell.
my sample code :
> <?php

            namespace App\Shell;
            use Cake\Console\Shell;
            class UserShell extends Shell
                public function getOptionParser()
                    $parser = parent::getOptionParser();
                    return $parser;
                public function main() 
                    $user = $this->Users->find('all')->first();
                    $role = 'user';
                    ['role'=>$role ],['id'=>$id]

And the cron path is :

cd /home/birelqar/public_html/SMS && bin/cake User

but its not please.

in my log file I got this:

/bin/bash: bin/cake: Permission denied

try to pass cron output to a log, you can do it by adding

 >> /var/log/cron.log 2>&1

at the end of cron job, check the log and fix whats in there

Did you upload the cake project using FTP/SSH? You should set the bin/cake as executable