Can't find Cakephp 2 shell in webhost cron

Hi there!

My first post over here. I hope I can take my CakePHP knowledge to a higher level :wink:

I wrote a Cakephp Weather shell and can run it in my localhost via a windows task. So far so good :slight_smile:
Now I want to run the same shell as a cron in my webhosting. I’ve read the Cakephp docs but unfortunately my host only support inserting a url to the script: (hosted by StackOverflow)

So they told me to send me the script and the are willing to insert it on server level. I think I already send them 10 times another script and it never works (kind of trial and error). The say the log file shows the following error:

Nov 22 15:05:01 [server-was-here-but-newbes-can-only-post-2-links] CRON daemon: Executing (31531)
'cd /[link-to-site]/app && Console/cake Weather’
Nov 22 15:05:01 [server-was-here-but-newbes-can-only-post-2-links]CRON daemon: /bin/bash: line
0: cd: /[link-to-site]/app: No such file or directory
Nov 22 15:05:01 [server-was-here-but-newbes-can-only-post-2-links] CRON daemon: 1 processes
Nov 22 15:05:01 [server-was-here-but-newbes-can-only-post-2-links] CRON daemon: Executed (31531)
‘cd /[link-to-site]/app && Console/cake Weather’

I already send them the following scripts:

 - */5  *    *    *    *  cd / &&
Console/cake Weather
 - */5  *    *    *    *  cd
/data/sites/web/bellewaerdefunbe/subsites/ &&
Console/cake Weather
 - */5  *    *    *    *  cd / &&
Console/cake Weather
 - */5 * * * * /data/sites/web/bellewaerdefunbe/subsites/ &&
Console/cake Weather
 - */5 * * * * cd
/data/sites/web/bellewaerdefunbe/subsites/ &&
Console/cake Weather
 - ...

As you can see, it’s trial and error but nothing works. I realy don’t understand why this isn’t working. The script seems to be OK, isn’t it? Anyone who see the mistake in it?

Can I bump my question please? I’ve been looking around and tried some other things. It’s very time-consuming that I’m not able to test it myself and I should wait until my hosting provider changes the cronjob on server level. In fact: my best option looked this one:

*/5 * * * * /data/sites/web/bellewaerdefunbe/subsites/ &&
Console/cake Weather

But the database isn’t changing after 5 server minutes. Perhaps I’m missing something? Is there anyone in for a non-material christmas present please :smiley: