CRM integration - access CakePHP (v3.3.7) objects outside app?

I have implemented a CRM with CakePHP and there is thus a product-hierarchy stored in CakePHP’s DB. I need to show this hierarchy in the customer’s homepage. So I need to integrate a CakePHP project into a CMS.

How I can load the CakePHP within the CMS? I am afraid that some libraries might result some sort of conflict, but I hope there is a way to access CakePHP database objects within CMS. Or is the only way through implementing the thing with pure PHP (=directly via DB)? CMS seems to be ExpressionEngine.

Any help is highly appreciated.

What version of cake are you using ?

Version is 3.3.7. Will edit the main post and add this info also there.

how about a json / rest api that return product-hierarchy data?

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What you need is REST or a Shell