CKfinder for cakephp 3

i appreciate it if you can help me
i want to implement ckeditor and ckfinder in my cakephp 3 app.
so i used the following code in my view

<?php echo $this->Form->control('body',['type' => 'textarea','id'=>'myeditor','name' => 'myeditor','class'=>'myeditor', 'escape' => 'true', 'rows' => '8', 'cols' => '31','label'=>'متن:','Enter'=>'true']);?>

and also the following script is in my view

var editor = CKEDITOR.replace( ‘myeditor’,
customConfig: ‘custom/editor_custom_config.js’

CKFinder.setupCKEditor(editor, ‘/ckfinder/’);

ckfinder and ckeditor are in adjacent folders in webroot/js.
the editor comes in the view but when i click on image to upload an image ckfinder comes up which has some fields URL and other fields and a button named “Browse server” right beside the “URL filed” and also an “upload” tab. the problem is when i click on “upload” or “Browse server” it does not work and a page comes up that displays nothing but a button named OK.

maybe i worked wrong to set ‘baseUrl’ and ‘baseDir’ in config.php of ckfinder.
right now it’s like the follow but i tried everything i thought and it did not worked.
‘baseUrl’ => ‘’,
‘baseDir’ => ’ ',

i set the following session and authentication like this right next to <?php in config.php


function CheckAuthentication()


if( isset($_SESSION[‘Auth’][‘User’]) )


return false;


return true;


and also i set .htaccess for that
RewriteRule ^ckfinder/ - [L]

i really appreciate your help

you need to configure the path of ckeditor file upload handler.

here’s the basic configuration code that can be used to insert a CKEditor instance with the file browser configured. (copied from documentation).

CKEDITOR.replace( ‘editor1’,
filebrowserBrowseUrl : ‘/browser/browse.php’, // File browser handler
filebrowserUploadUrl : ‘/uploader/upload.php’ // File Upload Handler

you may refer here for more in detail:
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