Cannot convert value of type string to a decimal Cakephp 4.3

how can i properly debug this bug? the data come from an input field via request … what can I do?

Cakephp 4.3

More information is definitely needed here. What specific line of code is causing this error? A full stack trace would be ideal.

thanks for the quick reply, what is the best way to post the full stack of trace here? the error output comes with every save call whether single or … many or … manyOrFail

Cannot convert value of type string to a decimal


CORE/src/Database/Type/DecimalType.php Toggle Arguments

) {
return strval($value);
throw new InvalidArgumentException(sprintf(
'Cannot convert value of type%s to a decimal',

the DB table field is DECIMAL

thanku for help

You are passing a string which cannot be stored as decimal. I assume you are from a region which uses some character besides dot as decimal place separator. If so you should enable locale based parsing.

thanks for the tip … it seems to be relatively complicated, I’ll try :slight_smile: