Cannot convert value of type `string` to integer

good morning community.
I am writing to you because I would like you to help me please with the following problem.
I have a search engine in my code made in cakephp to perform searches by customer, source address and destination address, when I try to add the code to perform search by id it throws me the following error:
Cannot convert value of type string to integer
I share part of my code for a better understanding, I thank you in advance for your help

if ($this->request->is('post')){
            $q = $_REQUEST['q'];
            if ($q){
                $q = '%'.$q.'%'; 
                $query = $query->where(['OR' => [
                            'id LIKE' => $q, 
                            ' LIKE ' => $q,
                            'Deliveries.origin_address LIKE ' => $q, 
                            'Deliveries.destination_address LIKE ' => $q

First of all: You should NEVER have the need to access superglobals like $_REQUEST directly because you can easily use CakePHP to do much of the hard work for you.
Try $this->getRequest()->getQuery('q') to access GET parameter or $this->getRequest()->getData(); for e.g. POST data.

But anyway back to your problem:
My guess would be that you try to search a string for integer columns, in your example the id column.

do you really want to implement a search for IDs with 'id LIKE' => '%'.$q.'%', ?
So e.g. if you you search 23 you get results with ids 23, 234, 123 etc.

I personally would rather put that id search in a separate input which can only be used as a number search instead of mixing up “fulltext” search with an “id search”

If you still want to do that you would have to parse the $q into a string because everything coming from GET parameters is a string, even if it is just http://localhost?test=123

So you have to do a

    $test = intval($q);

before you do your query to change the type of your $q variable.