Can bake handle multiple datasources? [CakePHP 3.x]

I am creating an app with two database connections, one “default” and the other “folio” (these are legacy databases, so I cannot change them).

The “bake all --everything” command appears to only operate on one datasource at a time (i.e., it is baking neither all nor everything). Is there any way to tell bake to operate on ALL datasources?

I have tried the following to no avail:

bin/cake bake all --everything  -f              // Only bakes the "default" datasource
bin/cake bake all --everything  -f -c folio   // Only bakes the "folio" datasource
bin/cake bake all --everything  -f -c default -c folio  // Only bakes "folio"
bin/cake bake all --everything  -f -c folio -c default  // Only bakes "default"

I can work around this by executing two separate bake invocations (the first two above), but that causes problems with unresolved associations (when the assns span datasources).