Calling MySQL stored procedure and Displaying its data in CAKEPHP

I want to call my stored procedure which accept only one integer input parameter and return multiple rows in cakephp framework.

Stored Procedure:
PROCEDURESalary(IN sysid int ) BEGIN SELECT name, lastName, Salary, Month From SalaryData where Userid = sysid; END

<?php class SalaryModel extends AppModel { public function sProcedure($name = NULL, $inputParameter) { $this->begin(); $parameter = ""; $parameter = ($outputParam) ? $parameter; $proc_result = $this->query("CALL$name`($parameter);");
$proc_data = array();

    if (false !== $proc_result)
        while ($proc_row = mysqli_fetch_array($proc_result))
           $proc_data[] = $proc_row; 
    return $proc_data;


Now, Can anyone suggests me how to write the “SalaryController.php” function for this model and its “view.ctp” ??

I hope my model is correct.

Thanks in advance