CakePHP4 - Rename App folder

Dear all,

I installed CakePHP 4 app using Composer into Cake4 application folders.
Now I want to change the application folder to Office instead of Cake4.
What should I change?
I have tried to find in Config app.php, app_local.php, routes.php, paths.php but dont know what to fix.

I don’t jave .env file at all.

Thank you

Can you show a little bit of what your file structure around Cake4 looks like? I would have thought you just rename it to whatever you want, and make sure that your web server is updated to match the new location of the webroot, and you’re done. If that’s not working, it seems maybe you’ve done something non-standard, in which case we can’t even guess.

Sorry Zuluru and all for my dump question.
Today I tried again, simple change the whole folder name, it still works.
I may had mental block last late night, and did something wrong.
Thank you Zuluru for your quick and anthusiastic response.