since i install my cakePHP application in OVH i have some problems.I use PHP 7.0 with CakePHP 2.10.

the behavior is different depending on the php engine that I use

  • When i set the php engine FPM => my website works only on computer,laptop… when i try with my smartphone i have en error message immediately : ERR_INTERNET_DISCONNECTED

  • When i set the php engine at phpcgi => the behavior is the same in both computer and smartphone, i see the website, but some actions like authentification in ajax doesn’t works, in the error log , i can see methodnotfound…

Anyone can help me please ?

ERR_INTERNET_DISCONNECTED means that your device can’t connect to the internet, very strange that you are getting it in this case. Sorry, can’t be any more help :slight_smile: