Cakephp Extension problem

Good day , I need help.
I came from cakephp 2.x
I want to change the default extension for m of may Cakephp 4.x from .php to .ctp

It’s probably far easier to do a one-time renaming of your template files from .ctp to .php to conform to what Cake is expecting.

Thats a lot of file .:pleading_face:
Im worried for my 2.x project . Beause siteground can remove php 5.6 anytime .

There’s all kinds of tools that will do the renaming for you.

Also, if you can upgrade to 2.10, that supports some level of PHP 7 (can’t remember if it’s 7.4 compatible or not, but at least you can get well past 5.6).

Okay Zuluru thank you for your help i will try to upgrade my php version :slight_smile:
Keep in touch , its hard for me to find solutions online because you know Cakephp is very underrated MVC Framwork .