CakePhp 4.0.1 Postgres timestamp without timezone

I use Postgres.
Users.created is timestamp without timezone
When i have Users.created in the query, i receive this error:
DateTimeImmutable::__construct(): Failed to parse time string (19/03/2015 22:37:48) at position 0 (1): Unexpected character

You can check on following link you got something helpful

You need to change the format of the timestamp string to something DateTime supports.

The format in the Users.created field is the “normal” 2015-03-19 22:37:48

Your error message indicates that it’s got a string like “19/03/2015 22:37:48”, though.

Yes, but i don’t know, why in the error message i have 19/03/2015 22:37:48
My App.defaultLocale = ‘en_US’
App.defaultTimezone = ‘UTC’
Datasources.default.‘timezone’ = ‘UTC’
in /config/app_local.php all the settings are the default recomended settings

The error looks to be in

I assume your database is doing this. What does running the query return?

You don’t show us anything other than the error.

If i don’t have in the query the field Users.created, everithing goes fine.
If i have in the query the field Users.created, in stops on the error that i show you.

Well, I have also used that PostgreSQL -
Created - use timestamp with time zone it’s works for me.

can you please help me, i write more details on

can you please help me, i write more details here