CakePHP 3.x Themes Subfolder in Plugins

In CakePHP 3, per the documentation ( themes are simply plugins which contain templates.

I’m working on an application which will contain a number of themes, and I’d like to keep my plugins directory somewhat clean. I’m thinking about placing all of the themes I create into a new directory called /plugins/Themes/.

In testing, this seems to work well, functioning in similar fashion to vendor namespaced plugins. (

The only tradeoff I can think of is that I have to explicitly load each theme in bootstrap, which I would probably end up doing anyway as Plugin::loadAll() frightens me, and I’d still have to define the themes in cakephp-plugins.php to do that anyway, which doesn’t seem like an appropriate place for that.

Can anyone think of any reason this might be a bad idea? I’ve RTFM and StackOverflowed this and can’t come up with anything.