CakePHP 3: How to create Inventory management system by integrating with API of ‘Point of Sales’

I need to make inventory management system by integrating with API of ‘Point of Sales’ with store’s inventory level. It also provides the subscription to other companies/stores to use the POS/Inventory system through internet connection.

It allows you to create your own company structure under one organisation choosing type of services food or clothing. Allows to add many branches.


Works both online and offline

Stock taking, inventory adjustments

Multi-store locations


Users: customer, staff, admin.

Can someone give advice on this, how to create a database? And the best practice to develop this kind of project. Please recommend any suitable plugins too. Thank you


Your request is beyond the scope of a forum question.

A hired consultant could help you address this fleet of queries but the forums probably won’t get you a response on more than one of these general questions.

You might expect to get opinions about specific plugins that you have already identified as candidates for you work. But an open ended ‘Please recommend any suitable plugins too’ is probably not focused enough to get a response.

A single question about ‘best practices’ might engage forum visitors but it would still need to be more focused. Here is an example.

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