Cake4: No Help for Commands with required options

Hi all,
I was after some advice, I’m running CakePHP 4.1.6 and have created a command setting the required to true, but I’m finding I can no longer call the command with --help because it complains about the missing required options.

Do I need to set something to still allow the help command even though I have some required options?

public function buildOptionParser(ConsoleOptionParser $parser): ConsoleOptionParser
    $parser = parent::buildOptionParser($parser);

        'action' => [
            'help' => __d('console', 'Action to perform'),
            'required' => true,
            'choices' => ['UPDATE', 'RESOLVE'],
        'id' => [
            'help' => __d('console', 'Internal Case ID'),
            'required' => true,
        'number' => [
            'help' => __d('console', 'External Case Number'),
            'required' => true,

    return $parser;

Gives me:
commandname --help
Error: Missing required option. The action option is required and has no default value.

Thanks in advance