Cake bake Model

I am using cakephp 4.

I have created a table with the name - item

When I run the command -
cake bake Model item
It gives an error -
"Could not find a task named ‘Model’.This used to work with cakephp 3.7 but it is not working in cakephp 4. What is the problem here? Can some one help me

I think the command is cake bake model (note the lowercase m).

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Actually, the command(with capital M) was working till cakephp 3.7 but i guess in cakephp 4, it is strictly required to give lowercase m and it worked. Thanks a lot

I don’t know that for sure, I always make sure my capitalization is as described in the help output :stuck_out_tongue:
That stuff just grew onto me while using Linux :stuck_out_tongue:

Any chance you were using Windows previously and are now developing on Linux? That has been the cause of many a case-sensitivity issue.

No, I was using Windows previously and now as well.