Cake php event listeners 3.8 issue .Cant find a way to initiate or bind listener with the model

Trying to make an event listener that will work after the data is saved in the table cant find a way to make it work . Pasting the code below can anyone help me ??

Model Code :
namespace App\Model\Table;
namespace App\Event;
use Cake\ORM\Table;
use Cake\Validation\Validator;

class ExExchangeMatchupTable extends Table {

public function initialize(array $config) {
	// $this->hasMany('EmployeeRole')
    //      ->setForeignKey('employee_id')
    //      ->setConditions(['EmployeeRole.role !=' => 'Employee']);
    //     use Cake\Event\EventManager;

 public function place($ex_exchange_matchup)
    if ($this->save($ex_exchange_matchup)) {
       // $this->ExExchangeMatchupTable->remove($ex_exchange_matchup);
        $event = new Event('Model.ExExchangeMatchup.afterPlace', $this, [
            'ex_exchange_matchup' => $ex_exchange_matchup
        return true;
    return false;


Listener code
use Cake\Event\EventListenerInterface;
use Cake\Mailer\Email;
use Cake\Mailer\TransportFactory;
use Cake\Log\Log;
use Cake\ORM\TableRegistry;
class ExExchangeMatchupStatus implements EventListenerInterface
public function implementedEvents()
return [
‘Model.ExExchangeMatchup.afterPlace’ => ‘updateBuyStatistic’,

public function updateBuyStatistic($event)
        $text ='This is a listener log for request';
        if ($text) {
            $txt = date('Y-m-d h:i:s');
            $text = $text . '-' . $txt . PHP_EOL . '=================================================================';
             $myfile1 = file_put_contents('service-logs/Exchange/listener-logs - ' . date('m-Y') . '.txt', $text . PHP_EOL, FILE_APPEND | LOCK_EX);

// Attach the UserStatistic object to the Order’s event manager
$statistics = new \ExExchangeMatchupStatus();

I have made a folder named Event in the src and have placed the listener code there.
I cant find a way to bind the model and listener .

The code is really hard to read with the mixed-up formatting.

It seems that you call against the local event-manager(s):

Each model has a separate event manager, while the View and Controller share one. This allows model events to be self contained, and allow components or controllers to act upon events created in the view if necessary.

while you actually want the global event-manager:

In addition to instance level event managers, CakePHP provides a global event manager that allows you to listen to any event fired in an application.