3.3 Event System - [SOLVED]

I’m currently trying to learn and understand the CakePHP even system.
I have a working controller which processes an order.
After that order has been placed I would like to trigger an event.

I started with http://book.cakephp.org/3.0/en/core-libraries/events.html

  1. In my Model called SoldServicesTable I have a function called place()
    At the end of that function I added:

         $event = new Event('Model.SoldServices.afterPlace', $this, [
         'order' => $cart,
         'orderid' => $orderid
  2. under src/Event I created a listener class:

    namespace App\Event;
    use Cake\Log\Log;
    use Cake\Event\EventListenerInterface;
    class SoldServicesListener implements EventListenerInterface

    public function implementedEvents()
    return array(
    ‘Model.SoldServices.afterPlace’ => ‘CreateServices’,

    public function CreateServices($event, $entity, $options)
    'A new post was published with id: ’ );

  3. (this is where I’m stuck) the cake PHP book states to attach the listener object to the event manager:
    // Attach the UserStatistic object to the Order’s event manager
    $statistics = new UserStatistic();

I can not seem to find where exactly to put this piece of code.
I tried to add it to the models initialize() function like this:

$listener = new \App\Event\SoldServicesListener();

But events are not being triggered. In older sample code I can only find examples on how to use the event system with a Global listener which I do not want to do.
Could somebody please give me a hint on where exactly to put the code to attach the listener object to the event manager?