Cake PHP 3.5 multiple pagination

I created a media library with some tabs (images,videos,audios,files) ; each tab contains a list with the related entitys and a paginator. So I have 4 paginated lists in my view.

My controller set up for paginate looks like:
public $paginate = [
‘Images’ => [‘limit’ => 10, ‘scope’ => ‘image’],
‘Videos’ => [‘limit’ => 8, ‘scope’ => ‘video’],


In my controller action i set the values like :
$images = $this->paginate($imageTable->find(‘all’,$image_options), [‘scope’ => ‘image’]);
$videos = $this->paginate($videosTable->find(‘all’, $video_options), [‘scope’ => ‘video’]);
$this->set(compact(‘images’, ‘videos’));

In my views i set the paginator :
$paginator->numbers([‘model’ => ‘Images’])

Now I have all lists with the paginator and it works for all pages with a link structure like :

  • …/media?image[page]=2
  • …/media?video[page]=20

but for all paginators the link for the first page is looking equal like:

  • …/media
    so i can’t differentiate which page 1 I have to load.
    I load the pages with ajax.

What I am doing wrong?
Or how I can change the generated link for the

  • ->first()
  • ->prev() (if prev is first page) and
  • ->numbers()
    to add at least the scope at the end of the url so I can get url’s for the first pages like:
    …/media?video or …/media?video[page]=1


I have exactly the same issue in Cake 4.x. Created paginators for multiple Models in one Controller, using the Scope option. It works except for everything that links to the First page, where URL just links to the Controller action without any scope info.

Did you resolve this problem eventually or figured out a way to change the generated links? Or anyone else knows how to resolve this issue?