"bake model all" doesn't work with CamelCase tables

Hi !
I am trying to create models with this database (SQLServer 2008 R2):

Bake All
Possible model names based on your database:
- Ajuizamento
- AssuntoLocal
- Comarca
- DividaAvulsa
- Documento
- Execucao
- Executado
- Localidade
- MotivoGRERJ
- Natureza
- Processo
- Recibo
- RespostaTJ
- Serventia
- TipoDocumento
- TipoLogradouro
- sysdiagrams
Run `cake bake all [name]` to generate skeleton files.

If I try “bake model all”, for some reason bake try to find a table named “assunto_local” and not AssuntoLocal.

If I try “cake bake all assuntolocal” works fine, but I would like a way to generate with only one statement because could be necessary recreate everything again in the future.


CakePHP expects your database tables to be in plural, lower case and underscored, like assunto_local(s), while it expects the classes in your app to be camel case.

So if your db tables are called AssuntoLocal etc. that would be against Cake’s conventions and wouldn’t work as expected.

As far as I know Cake’s conventions are not mandatory.
And it’s strange because like I’ve said, “bake all assuntolocal” works fine (bake wrote**$this->table(‘assuntolocal’);** to define the table) but “bake model all” not.

In using bake to create model file , the table must be in lower case

But you have to configure in your own way.
Bake expects the tables and columns to be ok with the cake conventions.