Cake 3 performance benchmarks PHP5.6 v 7.x

Has anyone done some performance benchmarks comparing cake3 performance on PHP5.6 compared to 7.x?

If so could you share those results?


I do not have any benchmark test, but I have 2 different CakePHP 3 app what I used with PHP 5.5 and than switched them to PHP 7. I can feel that the performance is better, everything loads much more faster. But I do not have exact numbers.

On other frameworks the performance improvements seem to be in the order of 80-90% better, was just wondering if the same was true for cake, as I would expect it to be.

I recently moved from 5.6 to 7.0. Before, it was only possible to make 1,25 REST-API-Requests from a Windows-Program. Now, after switching to 7.0 it is 5 times faster.

Also the request-time is much lower, from ~1300 ms to ~250/300 ms.

Hope this helps. But no, I have no real benchmarks. But go for 7.0! You could use a docker image of php7 to test the speed.

Since 7.2 is also out now, has anyone tested cakephp with 7.2 as well?

not my site but ive found it sometime ago

i woudnt look at score, because IMHO its skewed towards Symfony

Yes I did. I have a web app in production with PHP 7.2 and cake 3.6.9 and no problem until here :wink: