Cake 3 performance benchmarks PHP5.6 v 7.x


Has anyone done some performance benchmarks comparing cake3 performance on PHP5.6 compared to 7.x?

If so could you share those results?



I do not have any benchmark test, but I have 2 different CakePHP 3 app what I used with PHP 5.5 and than switched them to PHP 7. I can feel that the performance is better, everything loads much more faster. But I do not have exact numbers.


On other frameworks the performance improvements seem to be in the order of 80-90% better, was just wondering if the same was true for cake, as I would expect it to be.


I recently moved from 5.6 to 7.0. Before, it was only possible to make 1,25 REST-API-Requests from a Windows-Program. Now, after switching to 7.0 it is 5 times faster.

Also the request-time is much lower, from ~1300 ms to ~250/300 ms.

Hope this helps. But no, I have no real benchmarks. But go for 7.0! You could use a docker image of php7 to test the speed.