Asset compress not working with sass filter

In my application I need to use SASS and Asset Compress plugin. I have installed it and trying to build the css file from .scss file using ScssFilter in Asset Compress. The structure is like

webroot -> myApp -> assets -> stylesheets -> themes -> myapp.scss
webroot -> myApp -> assets -> stylesheets -> compass -> css3

// asset_compress.ini
cacheConfig = false

timestamp = true
paths[] = WEBROOT/*
cachePath = WEBROOT/cache_js/
filters[] = JsMinFilter

paths[] = WEBROOT/*
cachePath = WEBROOT/cache_css/
filters[] = ScssFilter

files[] = myapp/assets/js/custom.js

files[] = myApp/assets/stylesheets/themes/myapp.scss

But getting error Exception: Syntax error: File to import not found or unreadable: compass/css3

Sounds like sass can’t find the required imports. You’ll probably need to add more paths to the [css] section until sass can find the required libraries.