Asset.timestamp for JS files without Js plugin Loaded

While developing, I’m obviously making changes to my js and css files, and need to have the the most current version.

I’ve read up on setting:
Configure::write(‘Asset.timestamp’, true);
Configure::write(‘Asset.timestamp’, ‘force’);

This sounds exactly what I need, however, it’s not working for me. I’ve found inside the UrlHelper::assetTimestamp method it is specifically looking for a plugin to be loaded named “Js” based on the first segment of my ‘/js/source.js url’

I don’t understand this, I’ve got all my JS files in off my webroot. has anyone else had this problem?

Strangely, it’s started working for me, somehow, all my files were not getting found in the WWW_ROOT folder, which was causing the fall-back to look for plugin folders. For some reason they are now getting found in WWW root and everything is working fine.