After upgrade from 2.2.4 site not working

I have run all commands from given below .

After successfully run command my site doesn’t working it .

The page isn’t working is currently unable to handle this request.

The upgrade tool only handles a small number of easily automatable tasks in the upgrade process. Before you can have a working site, you need to carefully work through the published migration guides.

It is also highly highly recommended that you first upgrade to the latest 2.x version before upgrading to 3.x.

So I have to upgrade to 2.3 then 2.4 then so on .After 2.9 I have to upgrade into 3.0 .Am I right ?

There are lot of changes in 3.x, so hopefully you have to do the manual up-gradation. That will be a good idea.

I want to upgrade to 2.3 first then so on …But there is no such steps to do so I am confused.

The migration guide is enough to migrate. Just follow it, there is nothing much in it.

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