Upgrade tool from cakephp2 to cakephp3 not working

I have installed the upgrade tool to convert cakephp2 to 3 via instruction in http://book.cakephp.org/3.0/en/upgrade-tool.html
I am using windows and i can get the upgrade tool to display with bin\cake upgrade --help

I ran the upgrade and checked the files to see little has been changed. The controllers look exactly the same and the views still have bootstrap2 (no change). THIS UPGRADE HASNT done much!

What exactly did you run? Did you follow the instructions that follow in the order they appear? Are you using git to version control your files so you can rollback changes and see exactly what’s changed? Perhaps outputting what your terminal says followed by a diff would be helpful in helping you.

I downloaded from this site and tested the the thing was installed with composer

I then run the below commands.

cd wamp64\www\upgrade-master
bin\cake upgrade locations …\my-app\
bin\cake upgrade namespaces …\my-app\ <error here! as I get git is not recognizable output>

I didnt use git version control but I can from the code I created that the file locations have changed , the models relationships have changed and the rest of the 99% of the code NOTHING is different.Bootstrap is still version 2. … I dont get what this upgrade is supposed to do as it doesnt seem to do anything. Can you tell I am frustrated with it!

Well it should certainly be doing something, as it needs to move files and update namespaces which will move a lot of things around. Run the locations command with --dry-run to see a list of files that will be affected. If nothing is listed, then perhaps it can’t find your installation.

Also, this upgrade tool doesn’t have anything to do with Bootstrap. It is for CakePHP files only.

Yes it moves things around but the code is the same. I think it a waste of time .

Okay, well we can agree to disagree :slight_smile: It’s helped many people cut out much of the upgrade process by doing it automatically. Sorry it didn’t work out for you!

A bit of additional reference for your manual upgrade:

The upgrade tool is a tool to help automate most of the repetitive tasks involved in upgrading a CakePHP 2 application to CakePHP 3. This includes moving files into the new directory structure, applying namespaces and replacing App::uses() with a proper PHP 5.3 style use statement.

It will not alter your code since there is no way to safely automate that. It doesn’t touch model files (Because the model layers have changed so much).

The controllers look exactly the same

This is because controllers have seen very little changes between CakePHP 2 and 3.

the views still have bootstrap2 (no change).

And this is because CakePHP doesn’t know what bootstrap is, and it doesn’t care (Since it’s a PHP framework, not a CSS framework).