Access Oracle Tables with alias name


I am trying to connect to Oracle Database, the connectivity is thru. The tables being accessed from the module are “users” and “groups”.
The SQL is built as below, since the alias name for table “User” and “Group” are reserved keywords in Oracle, it is giving an SQL error (ORA-00923).

SELECT, User.username, User.password,, User.em_checked, User.em_key, User.first_name, User.last_name, User.last_login,
User.login_num, User.user_type, User.enabled, User.accept_notes, User.group_id, User.quota_used,, FROM users User
LEFT JOIN groups Group ON (User.group_id = WHERE User.username = ‘xplico’

Please provide your support in this matter.

Not sure, but try set quoteIdentifiers to true on config’s file.