Error in Bookmarker tut

Trying to work thru the beginner bookmarker tut. In the Sql script to create tables and fields the script uses a reserved name for a field name. that field is “password” apparently a reserved word in MySql because PHPmyAdmin flagged it. It ran okay when I substituted “password1” for the field name. My question is, 'Will that screw up the rest of the tutorial?

No way, “password” isn’t a reserved keyword, everyone is using it all the time, even outside CakePHP :smiley:

Are you sure it wasn’t simply your browser that found it grammatically incorrect?

What happens if you simply rename it again?

And to answer your question: Yes, there’s a good chance that this will screw up things for you with the Auth component (you could configurate it manually, but that goes against convention over configuration)

OK I guess that answered my question. Yes I’m sure it wasn’t flagged by my browser. It was flagged by MySql or maybe phpMyAdmin. When I altered the "password by placing a 1 in front of it it was accepted. Maybe my MySql installation is a newer version that does have it as a reserved word. "Bookmarker is an old tutorial that probably hasn’t been updated. What group of idiots would use a fielname like “password” anyway? That’s just asking for trouble when future versions of Msql would break it.

Huh, so in the new version of MySQL “password” is a reserved keyword? Well, that’s annoying :smiley:

That means you will need to adapt the authentification handler accordingly:

Btw, I use MariaDB, where that’s not a problem (yet D: )

Yeah Maria is used in XAMPP, but I chose to use WAMP which was used by the cake tutorial on which I am having my troubles with Lynda also. She just doesn’t seem good for me. I ve tried several of her tutorials and have had problems and can’t get answers.

Well, all learning resources will probably have their flaws, especially if they’re not up to date…

Imho, it’s helpful to have a working example app installed like that you can use as a reference when you’re not sure how to accomplish something.

I guess I’ll have to eat my words. Using phpMyAdmin I went back in to that CakePHP database I created and changed password1 back to “password” with no problems. Go figure!