Wkhtmltopdf patched qt at Centos 8

Hello guys. My hosting company doesn’t allow “installing” the wkhtmltopdf tool, so they suggest using a patched version that can be found here:


I downloaded, unzipped and works well on the command line, but when I use the generate pdf plugin it always returns the following error:

WKHTMLTOPDF didn’t return any data

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to solve?

Not sure if this will be your problem, but I had an issue where some usages of it tried to create temp files in /tmp, and somehow the permissions on the executable didn’t allow it to write there. Changed what it used for its temp folder, and all was well.

Often just installing the package you have linked is not enough, additional dependencies need to be installed too. The first thing you should do is try using the wkhtmltopdf binary directly and make sure is runs without error.

If you aren’t allow to install stuff on your hosting then you are better off using a PHP based engine like dompdf instead.

So it seems that

is taken care of.

After a few attempts, I ended up giving up. I appreciate the suggestion of DomPDF, but unfortunately it does not have the resources that I need and that I only found in wkhtml