Using select inside contain

Hi everyone. Is it possible to use select inside contain when using get method like:

$user = $this->Users->get($id, [
‘contain’ => // some fields in Articles table

Thanks the pagination example works for me.

Then contain array inside the ->get($id) behaves the same as if you would do it in a ->find()->contain() call

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This great topic I always found it weird why the find()->contain() but the get( ,[‘contain’]) why not just have get()->contain() ?

Well ->get() directly returns an entity, not a query instance like ->find() does.

So ->get() directly executes SQL and the base concept of CakePHP is to not lazy load data and instead always eager load (to prevent N+1 queries)

Therefore (theoretically) having something like

$entity = $this->MyModel->get($id)->contain(['SomeAssoc']);

Would execute multiple queries, which would not be best practice.

Thats why

$entity = $this->MyModel->get($id, ['contain' => ['SomeAssoc']]);

is the correct way.