Using commands like "bake" when CakePHP is on a shared server

I have CakePHP successfully installed on my computer. I open a command prompt and follow along with the tutorial to run the commands like bake to create the files I need to make a blog for instance. has CakePHP that I can add to my website and after it finishes installing I can navigate to the folder I installed it to and get the default webpage which is the same as the one I get with localhost.

The problem is on godaddy I don’t have a command prompt that I can use to follow the tutorial. I can create the php files and upload them of course, but I can’t run the commands. What can I do? It seems CakePHP is easy to install and run on localhost but very difficult to deploy on shared hosting. :frowning:

I think you’ll need to look at shell access

That should allow you to run commands like bake

Here’s some help from Godaddy: