Users plugin caught in an endless redirect

Hi, I have the cakedc/users which was working but after baking my first table there is an endless redirect loop occurring. Fails with “too many redirects”

If I comment out the config/bootstrap.php line with ‘Plugin::load(‘CakeDC/Users’, [‘routes’ => true, ‘bootstrap’ => true]);’ It stops the redirect but also does not authenticate.

I have adminLTE theme installed as well.

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I had a similar problem because of this:

Thanks. I can’t find any documentation that tells how to create the config/permissions.php file. I can find references to it but it assumes a vast amount of familiarity.

Correction: I did figure out by finding other files named permissions.php and reading the information there. Should that not be part of the installation? From the root directory of the app

cp vendors/cakedc/auth/config/permissions.php config/
vim config/permissions #add the line above to the return array.

My problem now is that the authentication does not work, I can reset the password then back to login screen. I can create a new user at the command line and that works? try its just a test/learning space.

here is an example permissions file: