Upgrading Core from 3.X to another ·3.XX


I wan to know how can upgrade my cake 3. to the last one that Today release some fixes and security issues.

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I usually use Composer for that : composer update in the root for your cake install. But If you don’t use it, you can download the last version and replace all the files in /vendor folder.

Make a backup before doing so, because the update may break things.

In any case, you’ll have to review your code and test it to be sure of the results.

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Very Thanks!, I use composer update and works!,

its there a way to get a downgrade?, today I update and change the login.ctp, anyway I can recover, but I cant login anymore :S

What happened whit the last update?

Maybe if you change the cake version in composer, the re-run composer install… Seriously, I don’t know as I never downgraded a cake install. I always re-adapted my code to the new versions…