Upgrade tool from 3.8 to 4.x is not working well

'm trying to upgrade my live project from 3.8 to 4.x using the official upgrade tool

i get the following screen after running it and then nothing happen in the console.

and then following this


i ran the following command in the second image and the error as shown

any help about using the tool or what i did wrong ?

I don’t really know anything about using this tool but:

The error clearly says an unidentified method is being run in… PhpParser\Comment ?

This kind of error might come up if there was some old-version file still hanging around in use. You don’t provide details of how the installation process went (the part in the docs prior to the bit you linked).

Something might have not gotten installed, or might have not installed properly… or wasn’t installed at all.

Presumably though, the package was not released with such a simple-to-find error. And the command you ran looks simple enough.

Possibly there is something unexpected in your Application.php file that triggered the error. So that is also worth a look.

i followed this link in the installation process and it’s completed successfully
i use Git as the above link and every thing is ok.
the project itself is live project it doesn’t has any end of file error