Unit testing in CakePHP 3 - Training course 20 June 2019

Are you interested in learning more about Unit testing in CakePHP 3?

In this training session we’ll cover the most common unit testing techniques with the CakePHP 3 framework. Using specific code examples we’ll create and refactor the source code to follow best practices, and learn how to:

  • Setup a unit testing development environment
  • Basic concepts about PHPUnit and it’s integration with CakePHP
  • Dependency injection and mocking (test doubles)
  • Fixtures and the fixture manager
  • Unit testing CakePHP classes: Models, Behaviors, Helpers, Controllers, Components.
  • Integration unit tests
  • Coverage
  • Tools

The training will be performed via screenshare session, the instructor will help attendees to follow the topics at the same time in their environment (workshop style).

20th June
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