Token not working for authorization

Hi Developers just need to help, i am using this plugin GitHub - rrd108/api-token-authenticator

So I have a table which contain the token field and when user login from Api then token save into the token field but now, tested it with other frontenf framework or just simple AJAX Application or Core PHP Application I got error there. If I would set the JWT token then it work perfectly fine and i got data in other frontend frameworks but if i set the this plugin GitHub - rrd108/api-token-authenticator token it does not work, it does not return anything, let me show you images please check it below:-

this is corephp and login with my cakephp Api and return token in response, but you can see 401 error after set token in header

this is coding core php coding which try to load the data from cakephp Application with token

Application.php file in Cakephp

JWT token working fine but database token not return anything when i send request with token which saved in users table into token field
this plugin