The values are not sent via the request body. - Cakephp 4

I created a login form that uses email and password for authentication, but the credentials are not sent in the request body and I get a 500 error.

This is my login method:

        if ($this->request->is('post')) {
            $response = $http->post(
                'email' => $this->request->getData("email"),
                'password' => $this->request->getData("password"),


In the image it is possible to verify a little more than I receive.
enter image description here

I put the information below in the debug, and I get the value coming from the form.

‘email’ => $this->request->getData(“email”), ‘password’ => $this->request->getData(“password”)

When I test via mailman, the login is successful! Information coming from the form is not sent to the backend. Can you help me analyze?

If you get a 500 error from your API then you should look into the error.log of that specific API to understand what is happening.
What you are posting here seems fine so we can only guess what is wrong.