The image cannot be displayed because it contain errors

Hi All,

I have a controller for displaying images and I am using Response::withFile() function. Hower, I got this message instead

The image [URL] cannot be displayed because it contains errors.

Few notes to add:

  • The image exists, valid and is very small 360x152
  • Tested with png and jpg
  • CakePHP version: 4.2.4
  • If I set the option to download to TRUE, the file is served as downloadable however the file can not be view nor detected as image.

Has anyone encountered the same issue as mine, any help would be appreciated.


What errors does it contain? They should be in your error log, and if you enable debug mode, they’ll be displayed in your browser too.

Hi, thanks for the reply. There were no errors in the log even though debug mode is enabled. HOwever, I did figure it out. There was an extra line/cariage return in one of my settings/config files.