Table 'propertyName' field


On Cakephp 4.2, I can use propertyName to set my association-name. It doesn’t seem to work on the latest 4.3 and not in the ORM-Table-document. but stated in cake4 ORM document

In 4.3 entity, the associated name that works is address although I specify Address in the Modal-Table
property name

// In Modal-Table
        $this->belongsTo('Address', [
            'className' => 'Addresses',
            'propertyName' => 'Address',
            'foreignKey' => 'address_id',

Is it still there or there is a replacement ?

Figured it out. I didn’t set the Entity file properly.

    // In Modal/Entity/xxx.php
    protected $_accessible = [
        // 'address' => true,
        'Address' => true,